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Spring Registration Opens December 15th

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Flagler County Basketball Program Season Update Preseason Week 3

Flagler County Hurricanes

Good Afternoon All,


 I hope all is well as we're coming to the end of the 3rd week of the preseason. The jerseys have been ordered and are in transit for those who registered prior to Monday, while we're working on those who registered afterwards. For those new to the program, it's important you pay attention to these weekly updates because we try to get as much information possible out to everyone through these.



We do charge admission to the games because the registration fees cover only the jersey and cost of insurance. We don't charge the full cost because most families don't have $220 to cover everything that goes into fully servicing a player in the program. We take a gamble by charging admission and still don't truly make it up because we try to make things cost efficient for families. That $5 that we charge for admission gets someone access to all the games played in one day. The admission goes towards the fees for officials and the rental fee for the facilities we use. 


We appreciate it when you come out and support your player and the program, but it means the most to us that the kids overall are supported. We look forward to seeing you all and any guests that you might want to bring eventually. 



Please make sure you're parking and entering through the South Gate which is the entrance where the retention pond is located at. If you're coming in and parking where the trash bins are at, you have to stop and park with everyone else. 

Also, please make sure we're staying in the gym area which is the area we're cleared to be in. This is a liability but also a security issue as now in the times we live in, security procedures limit movement of non-employees on school campuses especially after hours. 



The schedule is currently being worked on, and will be released soon. Week 1's schedule is currently available on the website and SportsEngine app. Today we tested the upload and game scoring to ensure any glitches are caught before games start. As the schedule is loaded onto the website, your're able to load onto the calendar on your phone if you're the type that uses daily schedules a lot.



As mentioned before, we're looking for volunteers to help with various options during game days. You don't have to stay all day, but we're looking for people who are able to continue a few hours on a Saturday. If you're interested, there form is located by clicking on the link below on the front page of our website.


Swagg Shop:

The Swagg Shop is open, there you're able to purchase various items that you might be interested in. Remember that the registration see covers the jersey. The season passes can be purchased through next Friday. You can access the shop via the website and the link below.



Fitzgerald Belgrave

Program Director

Flagler County Basketball Program

Phone: 386-627-0262





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Flagler County Hurricanes • (386) 627-0262

From Mustangs to Hurricanes

What started out as an idea to help keep at risk youth at Indian Trails Middle School on the right path quickly developed into a program that not only aims to help those who might be identified as "at risk" at their respective schools in Flagler County, but also be a safe haven for any youth in Flagler County, Florida who wish to learn the game of basketball.

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Contact Us

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